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Did you know that all travellers visiting Turkey need travel insurance to gain a visa? Apply Now

You’ve probably heard that you need travel insurance to get visa and travel to Turkey.

Since 2011 having travel insurance for traveling to Turkey became compulsory in order to get a visa to Turkey.

Turkey Travel Insurance

Turkey is spread throughout both Asia and Europe. Just because of this aspect, the nation is fascinating to visit. Imagine going shopping on the same day on two different continents. The renowned Grand Bazaar in Istanbul allows you to do exactly that. What does Turkey's seamless blending of European and Asian cultures signify for its entry requirements? The entire expense of treating tourists in Turkey has increased along with tourism. As a result, more medical costs are now unpaid. Hence, purchasing medical travel insurance is now mandatory for visitors from other nations in order to be allowed entry to Turkey. The sole condition is that the insurance must cover tourists for their stay, from beginning to end. Before travelling to Turkey, visa applicants must purchase travel insurance. Visa-free entry is available for up to 30 days for citizens of several nations, including several Eurozone countries, while an e-Visa is required for others. If you do not need a visa to visit Turkey, you do not need travel insurance. Without it, you may still visit Turkey. Although it is not required, getting travel insurance while visiting a foreign nation is usually a good idea. Eavar, a trustworthy travel agency, has incorporated travel insurance into its range of services to protect you from any inconvenience.Please email us at incoming@eavartravel.com.tr with any questions you may have. We will review your request and respond as soon as possible.  

Best Travel Insurance for Turkey

Getting travel insurance is usually a good idea, regardless of the kind of trip you're going on in Turkey. Travel insurance is sometimes the only way to secure health insurance coverage overseas because mishaps, delays, and accidents can happen anytime. Yet, since you have to provide evidence of travel health insurance coverage to receive a Turkish visa, many tourists consider travel insurance for Turkey an absolute need. Of course, not all visitors to Turkey require a visa, but many do.In any event, purchasing travel insurance will guarantee that you are covered for any accidents or sicknesses you encounter while travelling, as well as for any mishaps linked to travel, even if you do not require a visa to visit Turkey. Travel insurance will frequently prove to be helpful down the road. Eavar can get the best travel insurance for Turley for you; all you need to do is email us via incoming@eavartravel.com.tr to purchase your travel insurance right now.   

Guide to Turkey Travel Insurance

As mentioned, you must get travel insurance for Turkey as part of your visa requirements if you need one to visit the country.  Even if you do not have a passport from one of these nations, at the very least, you should have health insurance for trips to Turkey to pay for any possible medical expenses, mainly because the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is ineffective in Turkey. Naturally, health insurance from other nations does not apply in Turkey; thus, the only option to ensure medical coverage is to get Turkey to travel medical insurance.  

Travel Insurance for Turkey Visa Requirements

Fortunately, Turkey's requirements for travel insurance are simple. Travellers must be covered for their stay in Turkey as the primary criterion for Turkey visa travel insurance. As medical expenditures are the most crucial sort of coverage, your policy should, at the very least, include a Turkish travel medical insurance plan. Suppose you want to be insured for problems like trip cancellation and luggage loss. In that case, you can always choose a Turkey travel insurance plan with travel-related coverage. Make sure your travel insurance for Turkey includes COVID-19 coverage just to be cautious. Currently, most travel insurance policies have some coronavirus protection, although, as usual, some policies provide more range than others. Do not hesitate to contact us via incoming@eavartravel.com.tr  for more information.   

Turkey Travel Insurance Price

A Turkey visa does not require expensive travel insurance. Please bear in mind that the price of your travel insurance for Turkey will vary depending on your age, nationality, length, and trip cost.  Eavar can get you the cheapest travel insurance for Turkey. You can contact us via incoming@eavartravel.com.tr for more information about Turkey travel insurance prices.  

How Much Coverage Do I Need for Turkey Travel Insurance?

While you are flying, you need coverage that makes you feel comfortable. Every reliable travel insurance plan must at the very least cover the following:

  • Unexpected Medical Costs: The travel insurance provider will pay for your medical care or emergency services if you have an accident or become unwell while visiting Turkey. A dental emergency may occasionally fall under this category, but not usually.
  • Trip Interruption: Your travel insurance companies will cover some of your non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel your trip. In the event that you miss your flight or it is delayed, they will pay all or a portion of the ticket price as well as your lodging expenses until your next trip.
  • Coverage for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Baggage: The travel insurance companies will pay for your misplaced or broken belongings, up to an item maximum or the total maximum. For instance, regardless of the entire cost of your baggage or other stuff, they will refund you $500.
  • Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation: If you need to be evacuated from Turkey to your home country, the price of an air ambulance is included.

In addition, you have the option to purchase extra coverage for the following:

  • Adventure-Filled Pursuits: You must pay extra for coverage if you want it for activities that are deemed "high risk."
  • Expensive items or goods.
  • Coverage of Terrorism: If you need to be evacuated due to a terrorist attack, your evacuation costs can be paid.
  • Personal Responsibility: If any of your acts while you are in Turkey cause another person physical harm or property damage, the insurance provider will cover the costs.  

How Do I Get Turkey Travel Insurance?

You must purchase travel insurance if you require a visa to enter Turkey. Even if you do not need a visa to enter Turkey, getting travel insurance is still a good idea since it will ensure that you will be covered for medical expenses if you become sick or injured there. Whichever package you select, ensure it covers you for the entire length of your stay in Turkey if you require a visa.  You can always contact us via incoming@eavartravel.com.tr for any further questions.   

Conditions & Refund Policy:

The responsibility for any inconsistency in passport information is on the passengers (including name, family name, passport number, date of birth, expiry date and place of issue).

  • At least 48 hours before your arrival, you must give us your request.·

If you want a refund, the terms will be advised because each airline has a different policy.

There are two reasons for having a travel insurance for traveling to Turkey:

  • Travel insurance is required to collect your Turkey visa; without having a printout of your valid insurance, you can’t collect your visa from the embassy or the visa office at the airport.
  • A good travel insurance can protect you against mishaps and cover many unexpected and exorbitant costs

Can I use my existing travel insurance?

If you want to use your existing travel insurance upon your arrival, you must show documentation (for example your insurance coverage sheet, terms & conditions, etc.) that proves your insurance provider covers travel to not just the Middle East, but Turkey specifically.

All about Turkey travel insurance

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    Don’t get caught with the wrong insurance. Buying your policy through Eavar Travel guarantees your policy’s validity in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Travel Insurance Here you can find frequently asked questions


  • Is travel insurance mandatory for getting Turkey visa?
  • Yes, the insurance must be purchased either in your home country, at the airport or via your agency, in latter case no extra charge would be applied to your package cost.

  • Can I buy my travel insurance from Eavar?
  • Yes, you can.

  • What items are covered by travel insurance?
  • It differs depending on your insurance company. But If you purchase it via Eavar, Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad Transport or repatriation in the event of illness or accident sustained by the insured during the course of a trip. Emergency Dental Care. Repatriation of mortal remains. Repatriation of the immediate family member traveling with the insured. Travel of one immediate family member. Legal assistance Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad. Return of child(ren) left unattended Relay of urgent messages and medical referral Emergency return home following the death of a close family member. Delivery of medicines. Delay in arrival of luggage Loss of registered luggage Location and forwarding of baggage and personal effects. Delayed departure Advance of funds Special term and conditions of burglary cover (theft with force entrance) However, we advise you to check the terms with your travel consultant.

  • Does your travel insurance cover post-departure trip interruption and emergency return home services?
  • If I purchase my insurance at the airport, how much would it cost?
  • Currently, it costs 14 EUR and has limited coverage. Read more

  • Is it better to purchase the insurance in my home country or use package-included insurance?
  • We recommend using your travel package insurance. It is more convenient and also can be customized by your travel agent upon your request.

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