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Turkey Domestic Flights

Turkey is a country that is situated at the nexus between Europe and Asia. Due to the size of the nation—which ranks as the 36th largest in terms of area in the world—there are a lot of domestic flights available. Turkey has an excellent internal air and train network, although flying is frequently faster due to its size.When traveling across Turkey, you may see historic cities, tranquil beaches, opulent resorts, historic ruins, and charming villages. Turkey spans 1700 kilometers from east to west and is a sizable country with a lot to see.Istanbul is a great home base and a fantastic place to learn about Turkish culture. However, you may want to appreciate everything this area offers. In that case, you should travel farther afield to places like the coastal city of Antalya, Derinuyu, the Pamukkale hot springs, and other places. In addition to taking much time, driving across Turkey might prevent you from visiting all of the fascinating nations with which it shares a border. One of the services provided by Eavar is the booking service of Turkey domestic flights. Using this service, you can have the best experience booking plane tickets and domestic flights in Turkey. You can contact us via  for more information and book Turkey Domestic Flights tickets. 

Turkey Domestic Flights Booking

In Turkey, flying was costly, but as more airlines compete for domestic travelers, prices have decreased and are occasionally slightly more expensive than the train or bus.Around a dozen, local airlines operate in Turkey daily, which might need to be clarified for many tourists. Eavar Travel Agency puts out your finest alternatives so you may eliminate the burden of vacation preparation and feel more assured about the adventures you have in store. You can visit the beautiful cities of Ankara, Mardin, Cappadocia, Istanbul, and wherever else by taking a short flight.

Turkey Airlines Booking

Although Turkish Airlines is the most well-known airline flying in Turkey, other airlines can meet your demands for domestic travel. Turkish Airlines now has 251 aircraft in service, while Turkey's other major carriers also have 177 aircraft in the air. With more airlines, there are more alternatives for consumers, who may benefit from incredible savings on domestic flight costs. Here are some of the best airlines in Turkey:

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, the nation's flag carrier with flights to more than 40 domestic and 200 foreign destinations, was founded in 1933. The airline has 9 cargo aircraft and 242 passenger aircraft. Turkish Airlines' principal routes are to Izmir, Colombo, Munich, and New York. The flight attendants are nice, and the seats have lots of legroom. In the Business, Comfort, and Economy classes, the maximum size for each piece of free luggage is 158 cm. A snack box, a sandwich, and nonalcoholic drinks are provided on domestic flights.


AnadoluJet, a Turkish Airlines subsidiary established in 2008, mostly runs domestic flights for the airline. The airline has 25 passenger jets, and Tokat, Uşak, Isparta, anakkale, Ankara, and London are some of its top destinations. For travelers traveling in Economy Class, the free baggage allowance is 15 kilograms. There is an online luggage tracker available. It is reasonably priced, and the staff is genuinely pleasant.

Pegasus Airlines

With 45 international and 31 domestic flight sites throughout 30 countries, this private, well-established airline has grown its route network to 76 places. The airline flies 47 passenger aircraft on its principal routes, which include London, Paris, Athens, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, and Dubai. If you fly domestically and utilize a large airport like Antalya or Istanbul, Pegasus is a decent option. The Aegean area (including Ephesus) and Cappadocia are connected by Pegasus' midday nonstop service between Izmir (ADB) and Kayseri (ASR) three days a week (usually on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday).

Sun Express

An economic internal and international flight network connecting Turkey, Germany, and other significant European cities is provided by the Turkish/German airline Sun Express. The airline flies to several German cities as well as Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Alanya, and Dalaman on its main routes. It offers more direct itineraries and lower costs than certain other airlines. Ticket prices for flights to Hurghada, Sharm el Sheik, Marsa Alam, Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman include a 20kg luggage allowance.

Atlas Jet

Atlas Jet was founded in 2001 as a charter airline, although it did not start operating passenger flights for customers until 2004. The airline has 18 passenger aircraft; its main destinations are Tehran, Istanbul, Bodrum, Kayseri, and Northern Iraq. The airplanes are brand-new, clean, and have roomy, pleasant seats. The personnel is kind and accommodating.

Onur Air

This substantial private airline operates to 80 overseas destinations in 20 countries in addition to more than 12 Turkish cities. Adana, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Izmir, Malatya, Samsun, and Trabzon are some of the major destinations served by the airline, which has 23 passenger aircraft. No free meals are provided, although a snack trolley is on board. For domestic flights, there is a 15-kilogram allowance for free luggage. There will be an excess baggage charge of TL 3 per kilogram on domestic flights. As you can see, Turkey's domestic airline market provides a large number of regular and reasonably priced flights around the nation. You are one step closer to going on the adventure of a lifetime, so get ecstatic! Being a reputable travel agency in Tehran, Eavar will ensure your tickets are purchased as requested, on schedule, and per your detailed specifications. If you have any questions, please email us at Based on your request, we will analyze all the possibilities and let you know so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Turkey's Domestic Flight Price

Buying your Turkish domestic airline tickets online, within Turkey, or in advance through a reputable travel agent is typically far less expensive due to the way international airfares are set up. However, Turkey's domestic flight price depends on different factors such as the airline, flight class, distance, etc. For more information about Turkey's domestic flight prices, you can contact us via

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